BBNG – Times moves slow

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A quick hello… from us over here at GSL with some stunning material from Toronto Guns Bad Bad No Good, who once again convince us that they are the reigning champs of edgy laid back retro soul with Time moves slow from their up and coming album IV.The piece features Future Islands frontman Sam Herring who´s done a […]

The Arcs – Nature´s child

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And I know and I know and I know…   we kinda slept on The Arcs, Mr. Dan Auerbachs new Band.  It may have taken long, but now they got us on the hook with the hypnotic Nature´s child, one of many excellent tunes  from their bluesy and undoubtedly soulful debut Your´s dreamily which you should check out or […]

The Oh Hellos – There Beneath

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I know this, there is beauty in the way of things… We would like to say good morning on the last day of the year with There Beneath an atmospheric, dense and dreamy piece by The Oh Hellos from Texas We gotta give some love to the vibe of this little gem which will set your mood for the day. Be well […]

My Favorite Things – John Coltrane

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When the dog bites…. When the bee stings When I’m feeling sad… I simply remember my favorite things And then I don’t feel so bad ! Here´s a lovely classic to brighten up your days “in-between years” as they saying goes over here in germany ! John Coltrane´s version of my favorite things from the […]

The places and spaces of Bärbel Praun

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There is a German term that defies translation and the meaning of this term is the core of Bärbel Praun’s work. I’m speaking about the word Heimat. Best translated with the english word home it is in itself overlayed with a multitude of meanings. Unlike the English home, Heimat does not etymologically refer to the […]