Rudy Norman – Back to the streets

Sweet !

This one by Rudy Norman is one of these songs that you may have heard somewhere,
in a mix, as a sample, (back in the days when you´re old enough) but still there is a rare possibility
that you know who it´s by. Well there you are.
Back to the streets seems to be the B side of a seven inch released somewhat around 1980

The tune has it all, the grit, the funk, the drive and the harmonies.

A true classic !

If anyone should know more about Mr. Rudy Norman please let us know.

Be well


ph. charles harbutt

  1. Rudy Norman

    Hey there….
    It is me, Rudy Norman, in the process of remastering “Back To The Streets”- Still recording and singing
    Contact me for my story


  2. monkhiggins

    Dear Rudy I tried to contact you but unfortunately this must have missed you !
    Hope you´re all well and in good spirits, would love to hear from you
    you can reach me under
    Be well

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