Colorful, light hearted, skilled and talented.



an art und design duo based in Berlin, has been on our watchlist for years and we follow their steps to success with so much affection. The future looks bright for them as their raw style matches perfectly with the “handmade-hype” that we are witnessing these days. But this is not about trends, oh no, this is all about cheering for Sebastian and Julio and their soul touching work. By looking at their vibrant wall paintings, objects and installations, it seems they´re on an endless joyride and want to invite us to join the game. They can transform almost anything into a miraculous image, thus it is no wonder that they recently began to do creativity workshops with youngsters as part of art education in museums as the Natural Science Museum in Berlin or social work projects like the Kulturtour in Brazil in addition to their work as established graphic designers.
These boys are spreading their flavour around the world: last week they painted a gorgeous mural in Glasgow/UK (see picture above) and if you happen to be in Porto/Portugal next week, you’ll have the chance to meet them on the GET SET FESTIVAL (November 5-8, 2014) where they’re going give a talk on how to “Embrace the Unexpected” – what an important lesson to learn. We shout: Let each one teach one! And: it’s about time to give some love to them 44flavours.





44flavours-loewe-1200x800                ArtyShop_44flavours_TooMuch_Exclusive_02b_1024x1024ArtyShop_44flavours_NoMansLand_02_1024x1024




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