Alice Phoebe Lou – Grey

Amazing Discoveries


thought we´d open a new category with the wonderful Alice Phoebe Lou

and her mellow tune Grey.

This young South African expatriate is far more than noteworthy she is a truly amazing discovery.

You need to check her out , follow her and give her all the attention she deserves.

Isn´t she mesmerizing  ?


If you like what you heard and saw, you might want to check her naturally honest  performance

at TED x Berlin.

During this performance Alice drops some wisdom :

 “I see pop stars with so much fame, so much power; yet they use it only to advance themselves. I want to be different, I want to stay pure.”

Apparently Alice means what she is saying, looks like she rather busks at Mauerpark or Warschauerstrasse in Berlin, than joining the Voice of Germany or sign a contract with a major and become a star .

Good girl, let´s see how long the natural chanteuse with the sulky voice

far beyond her age can resist temptation!

Anyhow, we are literally blown away and we definitely gotta

give some love !


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