Quality time!

Folks, lovers, all you people who are able to let their lifes slow down a bit during the next two weeks, here is a list of ideas for this very special time of year:

– You could scent your favourite room with a good lavender fragrance oil. Lavender has the ability to ease you down and lift you up at the same time. It takes your blues away and gives you confidence. Furthermore it helps you to digest, which can be quite helpful during the feast.

– You could enter the world of Karl Ove Knausgård. This norwegian-swedisch author is writing his six(!)-volumed autobiography at the age of fourty. Each volume has around 700 pages and discusses a certain topic. The four books that are already published circle around his childhood, his adolescence, his marriage and the death of his father, but not in a chronological order. Despite of this mega-ego trip, Knausgård is a beautiful mind from which it is difficult to tear yourself away. His almost painful honesty, his sensuality and his attentiveness keeps you hooked once you started.

– If you are in Berlin, you could visit the Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection in Charlottenburg, a public museum which shows the private collection of Dieter Scharf and Otto Gerstenberg. Gerstenberg was an established art dealer in the beginning of the last century, but his collection hasn’t survived the war. Scharf was his grandson and during his life he built a considerable collection around a few symbolist drawings and prints his grandfather saved for him. Complemented with works from surrealistic artists this collection shows a nice overview of this typical french, quite nervous and thin-skinned form of expression which is soaked with ideas of psychoanalysis, horror stories and romantic ideals. This collection is a hidden treasure in a city so Prussian and highly unromantic like Berlin.

– As I will be in Bielefeld around Christmas I hope I can see the exhibition of my former fellow student Katrin Kamrau at the Bielefelder Kunstverein. Her analytic and intellectual approach to the world of photographic images will be a great counterpart to all the coziness at home.

– And if you are in London, you shouldn’t miss Viviane Sassens exhibition „Analemma: Fashion Photography 1992 – 2012“ at The Photographers Gallery. It seems as she found an appropriate way to show fashion photography in a museal environment (which is deadly boring most of the time) as she developed several room-filling projections which are moving and changing all the time. I imagine beeing in there feels like living in a magazine and I would love to make this experience. See an interview with her on her exhibition here: http://vimeo.com/110592799

This is it.

See you next year.



Karl Ove Knausgard in Helsinki, Finlnad - 29 Sep 2011
Karl Ove Knausgård

Hommage à Goya
Odilon Redon, Hommage à Goya, um 1895
Part of the Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection, Berlin

Katrin Kamrau at Kunstverein Bielefeld

Viviane Sassen, In Bloom, Dazed & Confused, July 2011
© Viviane Sassen

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