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Without music, life would be a mistake


Music plays such an important role in our lives, so we asked some friends and followers of GSL  to name us their five most influential Albums, the Changemakers, the Cornerstones, their musical companions throughout the good and bad periods of their lives and asked them if they wanted to share these with us and you. Here is what Mr. Frank Loth born in 1974  Store manager at „twowheelsgood“working and living in Hamburg came up with, after giving it a good thought.

” Gimme Five ” Mr. Loth !

1. Mike Oldfield „Tubular Bells“ 1973

I guess I must have been about nine or ten years old. My Uncle just back from Berlin and had dyed his hair fire red. Never before had I seen a man with fire red hair. On that day he wore a white super short T-Shirt. He had always been a music and Hifi freak. Anyhow he showed me his brand-new Cadberg record player which totally impressed me straight away! Several stacks of records were leaning against the wall. Bands like Spliff, Udo Lindenberg, Nina Hagen, Birth Control come to my mind when I think about that day. He chose this one particular album to showcase the Sound of his super expensive Hifi System. I can still recall, that the cover alone confused me, as I couldn´t understand what a bent tube was doing in the sky. This was my first conscious experience with music and I will never forget this day.



2.The Doors „Strange Days“ 1967 (people are strange)

The Corey Aera ! Corey Haim and Corey Feldmann co stared in a new movie.„The Lost Boys“ OMG The Intro alone, pure goosebumps material. This dark sound that throws it´s veil around the whole film. Then there was this scene where a strange piece of music occurred. Neither could I fathom the sound, nor did it fit the film in my opinion. But it was so interesting that I stopped the VCR and immediately pressed rewind. This was my first The Doors Experience. Up to now I listen to their Albums and songs a lot. Strange Days is my current favorite but this constantly changes.



3.Massive Attack „Mezzanine“ 1998

When „Trip Hop“ emerged, it captured me from the start and got me addicted. Tricky, Portishead and Massive Attack. I went to every gig that I could. Unfortunately Massiv Attack´s concert on the Mezzanine tour was the worst I´d ever been to and I never went to see them again but Mezzanine remains the best Headphone album ever. It´s so good, I finally I stopped playing it over the system, but have to listen to it at least one time per month.

4.Streetmark „Eileen“ 1977

Pretty late I got in touch with Krautrock. I´d seen a documentary about it on TV and thought it was weird and awkward. Until someone mentioned the name Conny Plank and I started to listen through the scene of that period of time.. Accidentally I popped into a song of a Band named Streetmark. I am surprised that they are not mentioned if you research Krautrock on the net.I found the record on a flea market  and copped it for five Euros. Well thank you very much Mr. Vendor whoever you may be.

5. Deux „Decadence“ 1985

This one marked my entry to wave music.

I was inspired by wave music at my early listening stages. If you were born in the seventies it was hard to avoid bands like Depeche Mode or The Cure but for about 15 years i wasn´t interested at all in the typical Wave Bands. Then one day I heard about Veronica Vasicka who´d been running the New Yorker Minimal Wave Label since 2005.Vasicka presses Records of nearly forgotten indie bands who weren´t popular in their day and produced synth wave back in the eighties. Some of them were so unknown that they had just produced tapes in editions of around a hundred pieces. I loved this ! So I kept diggin´and found that I had discovered a goldmine. There is a whole bunch of bands just like deux that no one has ever heard off!


Thanks a million Frank for giving us such an intimate view.

We gotta give some love !

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