Jean Grae – U & ME & Everyone, We Know


It´s the weekend Bitches….

Mellow out with the super tasty U & ME & Everyone, We Know by  GSL favorite Jean Greasy . That girl is on the vibe, spitting the truth in Rhymes as always. You should check the lyrics below and we gotta give some mad love !

Nice production by M Phazes on a sidenote.




Back here at square one
Like I just did the home base run
Without winning any bases though
All basic reasoning out the window
Ron Browz shit, Erick Sermon style
Like I got kicked off a cloud, Method Man, 95
Rap references because you get em all
You even get that I should have said that it was 94 (93)
Hard place when you wanna still rock to it
Living in my glass house, steady throwing rocks through it
I never stopped feeling the love for ya; I just stopped being the one for ya
I think
Too much
Over analyzing everything sucks
Im over over-dramatizing everything but
Youre never on the level Im on, unless were cut-ting
Plus then we never argued when thrusting but then
After all, it just turns to dust, brother
Swear Id never love another if this really worked out
But this is just like watching fitness informercials from the couch, ouch
I know, youre lazy
Its easier to pick a partner less crazy
Much less work, less purpose, less of A to Z
Cause Im an alpha, bet its hard to stay with me
Heart palpitations do still occur though
You and me, some Merlot, situation blurs so
Much I be thinking how this shit could actually work again
Its even nice to have you back in my world as my friend
Hey, sometimes I gotta say it simply (why)
Cause sometimes things are simple (come on)
We make it complicated for the win, B
Cause otherwise wed just be faced with all the n-words
Inner child, inner space, inner monologue
We exchange intercourse without a dialogue
Introduce intimate ways to turn our fire off
The thing in us that seeks the spark, light
Higher, moth
I still adore you; you adore me theoretically
So now I gotta shut the door on you
So I can find out who is next for me

You and me and everyone we know
Thats you and me and everyone we know

Cause you know, youre not gonna find what youre looking for
Stay searching
You and me and everyone we know
Its you and me and everyone we know
Its you and me
You and me and everyone we know
You, me, everyone we know
You and me and everyone we know


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