Makaya McCRAVEN – Slightest Right

This is a spontaneous composition so we don´t know  what is going´on

those are the words spoken at the end of Slightest Right by Makaya McCraven, who´s excellent album  At the moment we nearly forgot to tell you about. That would have been a true shame as the very laid-back and extremely groovy Slightest Right is only one of the gems that you will find on this excellent album. All the pieces on At the moment were captured during his 12 month residency at Chicago’s The Bedford, which means 48hours of improvised music where recorded with a revolving cast of musicians and  improvisers from Chicago’s vibrant music scene. In the aftermath McCraven, who is rooted in Hip Hop and Jazz alike, distilled, reworked and remixed the material and came up with the nineteen tracks that now fill the album which is ideal listening material for  a lazy sunday.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Be well


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