Chassol – BIG SUN Live at AB – Ancienne Belgique (2015)

Harmonizing reality…

is the goal of french pianist, composer, and arranger Chassol and we are totally captured by the idea, the concept, the musicianship, the whole affair ! He´s been articulating  sounds, voices, music, images onto new audiovisual objects for quite a while now and sadly we missed out on him, but better late than never. This shit is truly amazing, so you might as well take your lazy sunday and get acquainted with the talent of  Christophe Chassol who has worked with fellow frenchmen Sebastien Tellier and Phoenix and rumor has it that he has been collaborating with Frank Ocean on his yet to be released album Boys Don´t cry. The idea of speech harmonizing is not new, but Chassol is taking it to a whole new level !!!

Watch him and his drummer taking Big Sun to the stage at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.

We gotta

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and if you would like to find out more about Chassol you should check this:

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