Martin Richter: Family Business and Other Stories

See the ones I love
The ones I’m most fond of
Some small some tall but great they’re all
I watch them from above.
– from the photographer’s website

Since Martin Richter started to publish his project Family Business and Other Stories in 2014 on facebook, we’ve been following it with a lot of affection. Like a visual diary, it shows every facet of family living: true love, vibrating fun and laughter but also exhaustion, frustration and helplessness. One can see and feel the ever-changing states of living together as man and woman, mom and dad, individuals, family members, you and me. Martin allows us to witness how his son grows up, how he and his girl get married, how the grandparents get older. As much intimacy he channels through his pictures, his stories never get too exposing and each person’s dignity is never in question. Quite the contrary, by allowing moments of weakness, Martin’s family seems strong and unbreakable. 
The pictures all share a blueish-green color palette which gives them a dreamlike atmosphere and most of them show a complex composition with multiple layers of reflection. This is no ‘straight’ photography, this is life itself. 

And therefore we just have to give some love.

You can follow Martin’s story here on instagram.
You can see other works of him here on his website.

All following pictures are copyrighted by Martin Richter.

Ohne Titel 14

Ohne Titel 16

Ohne Titel 15

Ohne Titel 13

Ohne Titel 10

Ohne Titel 6

Ohne Titel 8

Ohne Titel 9

Ohne Titel 4

Ohne Titel 3Ohne Titel 2

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